Encounter in a pandemic

After evaluating the COVID-19 situation and thoughtfully praying, the 2020 Encounter Executive team along with the Directors decided to move Encounter Retreat 2020 to an online avenue this year! This was an extremely difficult decision, but we truly believe that this is the best option to keep campers and our staff safe. Below are the reasons we are making the transition to an online platform and how we are going to continue to serve you and provide you with an amazing opportunity to interact with fellow believers at OU. 


COVID-19 has made a large impact on the world and there are still several unknowns about the virus. The safety and health of you, our staff, the people in your community, and the welfare of Oklahoma is very important to us, and was one of the main contributors while making this decision. As an Executive team, we have been working very hard to pursue every avenue to have an in-person retreat because we believe that meeting face-to-face has significant value. We did not want to cancel the in-person retreat because Encounter gives incoming students the opportunity to make deep connections, participate in fellowship with other students, and encounter Christ. However as the COVID-19 situation has developed over the past several weeks, we felt that we had no other option to ensure that you and/or our staff remained healthy and safe during the retreat. 


Our purpose and mission is not changing because we are moving online! Encounter exists to build a foundational community of believers, by introducing incoming students to churches and ministries, at the University of Oklahoma. The most important part of our retreat is that students would encounter the love of Christ through fellowship with believers. We believe that we can still fulfill our purpose and mission through online resources! Retreat will be happening on August 2nd - August 4th and the price of retreat will be $30. The registration fee will go towards a t-shirt that we will mail to you, along with a few other surprises! If you have already registered, we will be refunding the additional money you paid, as soon as possible. 


We will be updating this page with information about our plans for moving forward. If you know someone interested in taking part in Encounter this year, please have them visit our website to learn more! We care about you and we are here for you. Our staff has been praying for you every single week for the past ten months and will continue to do so as we prepare to meet you in August. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are excited to meet you and help you transition into the extraordinary community at the University of Oklahoma.

Page Updated: July 14, 2020

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